Who we are


Allure Beauty & Wellness was founded by owner and manager Eiman Ashour.
She is a pioneer in the beauty industry and was a partner and the previous manager in Nawara House of Fashion.
Her 30 years of experience have encouraged her to create her perfect salon, Allure, a perfect blend of trendy beauty rituals whilst maintaining a natural method of perfecting one's appearance.




Everyone is valuable, beautiful, strong, and glowing; our work draws that out, be it in how we collaborate as a team to support each other within our company or how we work in harmony to create a truly transformative experience for our clients.
ALLURE Beauty & Wellness is more than just a traditional spa as we offer a very wide variety of services and aside from the services, we make you feel like you are with family and just as comfortable as you would be at home.




The best healing is a relationship between the healer, the guest and the curated selection of tools we use to bring out the beauty, wellness, energy, and joy of life that lies within all of us. We practice deep listening and compassion.
Our goal is to really hear you and respond to ALL that you tell us so that you receive a level of care that goes beyond the individual treatments.




We are humbled and honored to work with each other and our clients. Make no mistake, there is art, there is science and there is alchemy.
We intend to engage all three to make the ultimate magical combination of integrated wellness.